Our Vacation

 Seems I have been so busy enjoying the summer that I have not had time to write about it.  The month of August is flying by.  We started it off by going on vacation at Harold’s Resort on Spider Lake up near Traverse City.  Well lets just say “Resort” was a bit of a stretch.  Spider lake was beautiful and the girls loved the beach but it was a bit more rustic than expected.  That said we did enjoy ourselves overall and we were blown away by the beauty of the area.  Most of the pictures are on my dear husbands camera so I’ll have to wait to get those.  We met a very nice family who were staying in cabin number one.  They invited us out on the boat they rented.  They also let me use some of their cleaning wipes to clean up the cabin when we first arrived.  I think both of our families where a little in shock upon seeing our cabins.  OK, just the parents were a bit in shock the kids were happy as clams, except for Stephen.  He was a bit sad the whole trip as he slept poorly and had just learned to walk but given where we were he could not really practice his new walking as much as he would have liked.  He also had a bit of a fall on our first day there so that is why he has a cut under his nose.  The girls on the other hand had so much fun.  At one point Mary commented they were having “too much fun”.


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