Strawberry Picking at the Farm

Since before we moved to Michigan my husband and I were calling it “the land of blueberries and strawberries”, so we had to go strawberry picking this year. On Thursday I went out picking with my youngest daughter Anya to Krupp’s farms here in Grand Rapids. My oldest and youngest chose to stay with Grandma. We picked for about 15 minutes and my three year old got restless but then we had fun at the petting zoo and getting ice cream. We had so much fun in fact that we all went back to pick and have fun the following day. My five year old had a little more patience for picking, I wore Stephen on my back in my Ergo baby carrier and Anya helped out too. Grandma came along as well to help out and get some Strawberries too. We did not pick too long but the strawberries were so dense that we got about half a flat. Stephen was happy as long as I kept passing him strawberries to eat, I would kind of wipe them off on my shirt to hopefully get at least some of the chemicals off. I was happy I wore an old shirt as the back was all speckled with red stains! I felt kind of proud of myself for being able to pick strawberries with a baby on my back.

After our return home, Mary had the idea that we should make a strawberry cake. I found this recipe, Whole Foods strawberry cake and stayed up late last night baking it and making the frosting. Then the girls and I finished decorating it this morning after they woke up.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake


Stephen can Climb

Our lives have just gotten more complicated as Stephen can now climb stairs.  He is very proud of himself and would practice his new skill all day if we would let him.

Wild Strawberries

While out walking  next to our home on the Calvin X-country course, I was looking for a nice patch of daisies that I could take the girls to pick and saw some wild strawberries that were ripe.  I picked a few and took the girls out to pick them the following day.  Little things like wild flowers and wild strawberries make me so happy to live in Michigan.  Other little things, like mosquitoes are not so pleasant but you take the good with the bad. 

The Seventh Anniversary

Todd and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary today.  We did not know what we were getting into on that day seven years ago when we made those vows.  That said, I know I would make those vows again if given the decision today and could not ask for a better husband.  I praise God for bringing him into my life and for helping us both to grow so we can better serve each other and our family.

Hello world!

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